This year I took myself massively out of my comfort zone and did a Kickstarter Campaign!

The amazing thing was is that we reached our goal – not bad for a first effort, right?

I’ve spoken on our Kickstarter page about how I felt about reaching our goal but the real important thing is that absolutely none of this would have been possible without our backers. The kind people listed below backed our campaign and I really want to scream a massive THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andy W Clift, Alex Belwood, Alice White, Andy Beer, Baz Dunkley, Britt, Cassie Caffrey, Chris Fenton, Christina Razzi, Claire Pottle, Craig Tulloch, Darrell Thorpe, David Clarke, David Wilson, Emily Carpenter, Esmee Housego, Faye Harmon, Glyn Green, Grainne McEntee, Greg Tythe, Ian West, James Malpas, James McCulloch, Jan Skakle, Jayne Beadle, John Freeman, Jon Scrivens, Kate Harvey, Kevin Rakow, Lauren McClemont, Lee Langlands, Luke Driffeld, Lynn Esslemont, Martine Whitaker, Matt Burden, Matt Garvey, Matt Rooke, Matt Wood, Michael Georgiou, Miles Blake, Naomi Ikeda, Natasha Simpson, Nich Angell, Nicholas Stephen Paul, Petra Wallace, Rachael Vickers, Richard Sharp, Robin Hunt, Ross Turbet, Russell Hillman, Sandeep Kallu, Sarah Pegg, Stuart Creegan, Stuart Gould, Susan Blake, Tim Meakins, Travis McIntire, Trevor & Janet Blake.

Many of these people, along with other silent parties, also kindly promoted our campaign and told friends and family about what was going on – a big thank you to you all as well (feels kinda weird without having names to list…..


(Bear hugs!)