Below are the original sketches for the main characters in Lloyd and the Bear. Check back soon as this page will keep changing to show other sketches and plans from the series!

Lloyd and the Bear Extras 1

Lloyd – t-shirt and jeans.

Not much different with Lloyd’s look (barring a bit of weight loss).

Lloyd and the Bear Extras 2

Lloyd – space outfit

This has been simplified when it finally got shown in issue 4. Admittedly the comic is in black & white but the idea is that the colours are inverted from that of Lloyds t-shirt.

Lloyd and the Bear Extras 3


Okay, so again I simplified the look and got rid of the Batman style utility belt and went with a simple belt to hold his sticks on. I’m big on simplifying.

Lloyd and the Bear Extras 4

Shoal – trooper outfit

Barring the lack of wrinkles (which is hard to reproduce in the comic) still the same!

Lloyd and the Bear Extras 5

Shoal – commander outfit

This was the biggest change. To be honest I completely forgot I had done this design but I’m happy with what I came up with. There’s still a chance I may bring back a variation of this at some point though – if nothing else but for the design of the lower half.

Lloyds and the Bear Extras 6

Shoal – robot

Again, no changes! I really need to get some more back shots of the robot shoe horned in as I like the design.