If you’ve been reading my blogs for well over the last year you’ll know how excited I was in putting issue 6 together and then the absolute misery that was my PC dying and me losing all my work.

I knew that I didn’t want to give up on telling the adventures of Lloyd and Bear but at the same time starting from scratch with issue 6 just didn’t seem possible for me at the time. Instead I worked on recolouring the existing issues that I had done and during this last year other projects came up.

There’s been a number of cool conventions, an offer of getting my work published, a couple of charity things, being shown on Stan Lee’s website(!), and being published in Craze Club (twice – the second issue with my work in it is out now!) and in retrospect I couldn’t have continued with issue 6 and the later issues while doing all the other work I did.

So yeah, in a weird way losing that issue kinda allowed me to regroup and focus my work in new ways. I got all my issues coloured, got prints done, worked on a project that quite hasn’t happened yet but I still plan to carry on with (and will tell you about once I’ve got something confirmed) and let’s not forget the massive banner stand I now use at conventions that was an absolute nightmare to put together!

It’s been a busy but great year with some sad moments but without a doubt the highs easily out do the lows and now here we have issue 6! Genuinely over a year in the making! And again, in retrospect I’m so pleased that I got to start from scratch again as when I originally put this issue together I was using dot effects to add some layering to background scenes and that would have been really hard to work over if and when I decided to colour the book!

So here we go – issue 6! You can click on either of the two links to the right or the link at the top. I really, really, REALLY hope you love the book as it’s easily my favourite issue so far! Enjoy!

More soon, bear hugs!