So I mentioned a few posts back that I was working on a small Lloyd and the Bear project and I can now tell you that it’s an Activity Book!

It’s an eight page book with a LatB story that also includes different puzzles and I’m really chuffed with how it’s turned out!

Anyways, part of the story has the bad guy of the book introducing a clone of Lloyd and I couldn’t help but name the guy ‘Cloyd’!


A few years back Marvel released a series called Civil War which had a clone of Thor in it which fans started to call Clor and so when I came up with this story I couldn’t help but go with the same trick – and the name totally makes sense, right?

So with the activity book done I’m now back to finishing off issue #6 which will be out at the end of this month for you to see (for free) on this site. I’ll also be giving you more details about the activity book in the weeks to come so don’t forget to come back!

Bear hugs!

PS. Although I should have really posted this at the start of the week I got some of my artwork printed at The Real Stan Lee website! How cool is that? This all took off waaaaay back at the London Super Comic Con where some of people from Stan Lee’s company POW Entertainment noticed my work and wanted to post it! I’ve been wanting to tell you about this right after the convention but wanted to hold on until it actually happened. Sooooooooo chuffed!!!!! Yay!