Now, I don’t know but is this me being meta?

I had written the scene below over a year ago but after Cabin in the Woods being released and everyone banging on using the term ‘meta’ I’m wondering if this counts….


While writing this is reminds me of a scene in The Adventures of Lois and Clark where Lois questions why her name comes first when they’re both being spoken to and Clark replies that the straight man is always billed first.

For me, it made sense to have Lloyd’s name first. It just doesn’t sound right with Bear and the Lloyd does it?

Anyways……. this morning I got to the point I wanted to be with issue #6 before the Jubilee Weekend (yay!). I still have five and a quarter pages to do which will consist of a (massive) fight scene and also some outer spacey bits.

This weekend I’m working on some other wee LatB projects which I’ll tell you about soon. You know, I’m aware that I’ve mentioned before projects that I’m doing but not said anything else but that’s because they’re still ongoing and I don’t want to curse anything by telling you before it’s all definitely in place. I’ll be able to tell you about this particular project very soon though!

Going back to issue 6 I want to promise that it’ll be out by the end of this month and I really can’t wait to publish it! In part because this is the issue that’s over a year in the making (sob) but also I really, really, really love the story (and hope you do too!).

I’m also aware that I had plans to post on here more often as I worked on issue 6 but I got so caught up with my work that I just didn’t have the time. I’m really sorry about that but unfortunately it couldn’t be helped. I do plan in the very near future to be posting a few panels of issue 6 in full colour on the way up to the book being released so I hope that makes some amends….. (sorry again)

That’s all for now though and as always more very, very soon! Bear hugs!