So if you’ve read the blog I posted the other day you’ll have seen the cover to issue #6 of Lloyd and the Bear which looks to be showing our heroes in some real trouble.

It’s no cover trick! That’s Lloyd and Bear in their ship and it’s ‘ploding. I’m not going to let you know how or why as you’ll see soon enough but I wanted to show you one panel in the issue which carries on from the cover in that they guys’ ship crash lands (and yeah, this is the pre-coloured panel and with the way I work I do admit it all looks a bit garish).



Anyways, this brings me on to discuss something that I’ve had a habit of doing when putting together comic books since I was a kid. I’ve been drawing comic books from as early as I remember and one thing I repeatedly did was having a thing for blowing up buildings, space ships or robots and then bringing them back the next issue but looking totally different.

I use to always rush in when putting a comic together and design was the last thing I thought about and then as I worked on the story I realised that something I created didn’t quite work and the easiest way of solving the problem for future stories was smashing it up and starting again.

This lead to many a robot (I use to write a lot of robot related comics) being blown up and then coming back the next issue looking a lot cooler and arguably more hardcore. If it wasn’t robots it was usually a space ships. A teams headquarters came a close third….

So what does this say about the Burian ship? Well, I did spend a lot of time designing it (yes, even the annoying bumped panels on the dashboard where Bear sits – which is a nod to my mothers old car (which I think was a Hillman)), and I really don’t want to go about smashing up a design that I really loved, but…………….. well, the story kinda asked for it. As for what happens to Lloyd, Bear and the ship I’m afraid you’ll have to wait and see (sorry!) but it won’t be long!

I promise!

More soon! Bear hugs!