I do love this day and even more so this year as there’s nine books I’m hoping to pick up! Usually there’s about five titles that I really want but this time it’s a wee bit more! Excited!

I know I haven’t posted anything in the last week but I’m getting my head down and working on issue #6. It all started of a bit slow working through the old work that I had managed to save from the deaded PC but now I’m working on new panels and really enjoying putting the book together! I also had a break from doing artwork as well as I was working on putting together a Bear 3.0 (which didn’t quite work sadly) so it feels good to be back doing artwork again.

Last year I was given the suggestion of putting together a FCBD Lloyd and the Bear book for today but with the conventions and deadlines going on it never happened. In an effort to do something though here’s a sketch I did back at Demoncon3 that I’m really happy with (although you can see by the sketchy lines why I use a PC for my work, right?). Hope you like it!


More soon! Bear hugs!

PS. I’m up this early as I had a nightmare that I had missed FCBD. Is that sad?