Just a quick note to say that I’m starting work on issue #6 of LatB today and first thing I did was ensure that the folder I’m putting my work into is absolutely postively getting backed up which it is. Yay! See that? I’ve learned!

So with my getting started on issue #6 (well, with the cover at least) this means that issue #5 is all but complete. I just need to get the ‘Next Time’ box done (which is why I’m working on the cover for issue #6) and then I’ll get it published.

I was checking the old blogs and the original copy of issue #5 got released at the start of March 2011 so although it means I can’t release the updated issue exactly a year on it’s close enough I figure in that at least it’ll be in March of this year.

And yeah, then issue #6 which I am soooooo excited about!!!!! More soon! Bear hugs!