Okay, it’s a pretty slow news day when the best thing I can tell you about is that I’ve bought a new table cover (okay, cloth)!

Back at Thoughtbubble (I really need to stop talking about that) I had to bring my own table cover and I went for a orange plastic sheet which was great just because it was so bright.

I was determined to get another cover but this time made from cloth but I couldn’t find an orange cover at a good price (or even a white one that I could dye) but I did find this purple one which is actually pretty bright despite how it looks in the photo!


It also looks very much like the Shoal’s skin colour so it’s all good! Anyways, I’ll be using this in future conventions – it’s right massive as well and will easily cover any booth table. (Maybe ‘I should get a bigger booth table. Hmm……)

Anyways, just felt I would share. I promise to come back soon with something a bit more interesting (although I’m still excited about this, okay?).

Bear hugs!