Today I got an email from Lulu giving a 25% off voucher on all book purchases (which obviously includes Lloyd and the Bear).

Now, I’m going to be honest here and remind you that I’m currently busy colouring the separate issues and at the same time fixing the odd panel here and there while trying my best to correct any typos. So yeah, the B&W book is currently available until the end of January with an extra 25% off but at the same time it’ll soon to be outdated.

If you’re still interested though (y’know, there was a reason I wasn’t a good salesman when I worked at Currys) the coupon code is LULUBOOKUK305

Update soon with how the work on issue 4 is coming on by the way and I’ll also let you know if I’m going to jump straight in to issue 6 of LatB or get issue 5 coloured first. Decisions!

Speak to you soon! Bear hugs!