Okay, so I was a bit slow posting this but I really wanted to have a few days off to relax!


I really just wanted to give a big thank you to you all for supporting Lloyd and Bear in their travels this last year. It’s been a pretty big year for us what with doing Kapow and Thoughtbubble and talk of having LatB published (which had the happy side effect of pushing me to colour all the books) which has all been very exciting.

So yeah, THANK YOU!!!!!!

It’s odd that even though Lloydandthebear.com has been about for a few years if feels very much like everything is all new and shiny!

Looking forward I have a couple of conventions planned this year and with that some new ideas on what I’ll be selling at our booth. On top of that after a pretty quiet 2011 I absolutely promise that there will be an issue #6 coming out! I’m not sure if it’ll come out before I colour issue #5 or afterwards but I’ll let you guys know soon enough!

I have so many stories planned and can’t wait for you guys to read them! Again, I promise that issue 6 will appear (and to be safe I will be making constant backups so I don’t lose any work this time!).

At the current moment I’m colouring issue #4 of LatB and very happy with the first completed four pages. I figure this’ll be carrying on through January but it’s my hope that I’ll also start looking at all my notes and sketches that I had already done for issue #6 and get back to doing that issue.

There’s also Free Comic Book Day coming up and I’m toying with doing something for that.


Anyways, that’s all for now. I hope you all had a great holiday season and that the new year is treating you kindly.

More soon! Bear hugs!