It’s like Christmas has come early! Okay, no so much as you don’t have presents to unwrap or a big meal coming your way but, y’know, it’s still presenty like!

So yeah, if you now click on the link at the top or either of the two links to the right that mention Issue 3 you’ll get redirected to the updated issue! Yay!

I really feel like this issue took absolutely ages to colour in. Admittedly I got tied up with doing work for my booth at Thoughtbubble and after that I was trying the difficult art of relaxing (still a work in progress that one) but finally it’s finished!

I’m thinking/hoping that issues 4 and 5 will be a lot easier although I could be totally wrong. I’m determined to start issue 6 in the new year but not really sure how I’ll do that and get on with colouring issues 4 and 5. Hmm………


And relax.

More soon! Bear hugs!