Finally I’ve got round to updating the web banner for this page – yay me!

The previous one was done in a rush as the design I had in mind didn’t work and then I got caught up in having to update the individual comics so I quickly put together the red banner with the close up of Lloyd and Bear just so I had something there.

Time went on but I knew that I needed to get a new banner in place and with Thoughtbubble coming up (did I mention that I’m going to that this weekend?) I figured now would be the best time to push on and do something.

So yeah, the banner at the top of the page should be there for some time. My plan is to update it with new characters as they appear (I do mean to add Opo to this group shot but I’m going to hold off until I’ve recoloured issue #5) for as long as I have space to do it. It’s going to get mighty busy up there by issue 7 I figures……

Speaking of Thoughtbubble – if you do plan to pop by PLEASE buy as much stuff from my booth as you possibly can! I packed the suitcase this morning and it’s really weighed down and it would be lovely to have a nice light case to bring back to London with me so I need to sell all my stuff!!!!!

And with that desperate request I’m out of here! Bear hugs!