I’ve been putting together a price list for my booth at Thoughtbubble today and I’m amazed at the range of stuff we have on show. Back when I did Kapow all we had were flyers, the collected book of the first four issues, badges, our wall display of t-shirts and A3 posters (neither of which were for sale but more as show), Bear (original) and some free sweets.

Well, the posters have gone and the books, flyers, badges and sweets have stayed (although they’re new sweets and not the leftovers from Kapow which were handed out to fellow exhibitors) but now the (new range of) t-shirts are for sale along with prints, canvas’s, colour 1st issues of Lloyd and the Bear, a larger Bear (2.0) and the big door size banner on display behind our booth.

I’m also bringing along some old copies of the original B&W Lloyd and the Bear comic that I released years back which I’m giving away with the book (while stocks last……).

Oh! *AND* I’m also bringing my own table cloth! Exciting uh? No? Ah well (T_T)

But yeah, I feel I’ve come a long way in these last six or so months. It was really going to be a one off holding a booth at Kapow but I had such a great time I wanted to do more! Due to other things going on I wasn’t prepared for any others this year but next year I figure I’ll be hitting the convention circuit big time!

And don’t worry, there’ll still be free sweets!!!!

More soon! Bear hugs!