Okay, figured I would drop a note to say what I’ve been up to of late. After the last update I had sent the banner poster of to print only to find it was too small (despite having set it at 2 metres high – I really don’t understand) so been stressing out working on a larger print which has been REALLY tough going as me computer couldn’t handle working with multiple images.

That’s all finished as of this morning though and I’m now in contact with the printers along with speaking to another printers about getting the 1st issue printed in full colour. I’m telling you, with Thoughtbubble less than four weeks away I’m REALLY cutting it fine!

As for the weeks and months ahead (after a day or two off to relax) I’m going to work on a series of prints that will also be available at Thoughtbubble and then after that I’m going to be working on the colouring of issues 3, 4 and 5. I’m going to spin this out up to Christmas as I also want to enjoy some quiet time to chill out.

Come the New Year though I will be back working on issue 6 (again for the first time). If you remember the last time I worked on issue 6 (before it getting lost in the sad death of the harddrive) I did a sketch-a-day here on the website. I’m toying with either trying that again or possibly something new – we’ll see.

Sooooooooo, what you been up to then?