So yeah, a new blog! I posted previously that I was going to be busy for a bit but I really didn’t mean for it to be this long before I sent an update!

So with the loss of almost all my work to issue 6 I took a small break (if you remember back when I lost my drawing pad I ended up having the weekend off as I felt a bit miserable and that was only with having lost one sketch and not 18 pages of work like I had when the hard disc died!!!!!).

Other things have been happening as well which I couldn’t mention previously such as a publisher wanting to work with me (!) after having submitted my book to them.

It was a pretty big moment in my life but after some careful consideration though that I declined the offer. There was a couple of reasons for this and although I don’t want to go in to details I can say that one big reason was that I’ve a pretty strict plan of where I’m taking the book for the rest of this year and it clashed with the publishers ideas. By plans I don’t mean in terms of story (which is planned out for the next few years) but what I want to do with the book itself such as taking it to the Thought Bubble convention in Leeds and also work on getting some more t-shirts out along with a few other things.

Something else that I wanted to do was produce the books in colour! I’ve only just started on that this week and having just completed the first page of issue one this evening I couldn’t help but put it on here to show you guys.


I’ll release a few other pages as time goes on and hopefully before long the book will be available for you to read here (and still for free!). Please let me know what you think of the pages as they come out as it would certainly help to know that I’m going in the right direction!

Finally, since my last blog there’s been a few extra fans of Lloyd and the Bear! If this is your first time here and you’re enjoy the books please do add yourself as a fan. I assure you that you won’t get hit with loads of updates but I do like to know if people are enjoying the adventures of Lloyd and Bear!

So yeah, that’s all the news from my end. I really hope you’re all well – seriously, what you been up to since I was here last? Let me know!

Speak to you soon! Bear hugs!