*Only joking!

Well yesterday any comic related messageboard was alight with news regarding DC Comics rebooting all their comics in September with new issue ones coming out, character redesigns and a brand new reader friendly start for all.

This isn’t the first time DC has done this either but it is the first time it’s happened since I became a big fan of the DC line. That being said, I’m overall happy with this news (despite my predilection for hating, although not fearing, change) and look forward to what is going to come out. Sure, it means that the continuity that I’m use to will end and characters like Superman look to have been made younger but I’m being optimistic (although I’m really saddened by the news that Lois and Clark’s marriage is now wiped out and he’s now with Wonder Woman…….?).

The costume designs look interesting with some impressive redesigns for some characters where as others like Batman, Flash and Green Lantern remain relatively unchanged with only small things like Green Lantern now sporting a collar to his outfit which matches other members of the JLA. Now I’m not attacking Jim Lee who designed the costumes (it’s Jim Lee for goodness sake!) but I can’t help but be a bit catty at a minor costume change as adding a collar so with that I give you today (collar reboot inspired) sketch……