I know some of you keep wishing that Lloyd and the Bear would appear in colour but unfortunately I don’t have the time to script, draw, letter
colour! That being said I’ve done all the issues in only black and white in the hope that one day I could get around to colouring them.

With issue 6 I realised that there was going to be a problem as I’m dealing with a lot of rocky backgrounds and I realised that using only stark black and white wouldn’t work as characters and objects in the foreground would merge with what was at the back. I even looked at the excellent graphic novel Bone by Jeff Smith for inspiration but still couldn’t get it to work.

What I’ve done instead is pixelate areas to give some surfaces a shaded look and although I could have done this with a greyscale I felt that I was going to lose something with the strong lines I’ve been using so far. I’ve used pixel shading previously a couple of times whenever I’ve done a shot of the planet as I felt I needed to do something to differentiate between water and land but other than that it’s all been strictly black and white.

So yeah, this brings us to today’s sketch with (butterfingers) Lloyd and Bear delivering some packages of pixels.


I’ll try and get a couple of panels posted soon to show you what the pixel shading looks like. More soon!