Sorry for being away for a bit but after Kapow I took a short break before starting on issue 6 (which I just finished this morning). Every issue I love a bit more than the last but this issue has me really excited! The story I’ve written has been banging around in my head for some time now but as I wrote it I just found it grew more and more and all very naturally which is cool.

This weekend I’m going to get the pages set out and put in all the speech bubbles and start with the artwork next week.

So yeah, I still want to keep posting on the site here but rather than boring you with updates I figure I’ll post some artwork on here. It could be a finished panel, a preliminary sketch or even just a sketch that I fancied doing! Fingers crossed I keep up with that……

Speaking of artwork I want to show this piece done by Lloyd and the Bear fan Michael Garrity. Enjoy!

Bear Wars

Until next time, bear hugs!