Right, quick update.

I’m still working on the bible for LatB (there really was no way that it was going to get done in one day) and I’m well in to doing the character profiles. I feel good about what I’ve written so far despite being a bit precious worrying about writing down all my plot secrets for future LatB stories.

Got the fifth t-shirt designed and I’m going to try a different printing source for this one and will hopefully have some pictures soon. The t-shirt will be getting posted to me which means that I have something else to nervously wait for as the book has yet to arrive (I know it’s still early days for that but hey!).

On other news I’ve realised that I’m not going to be able to release the book on the planned date of the 5th as I have a few things on! Now, the choice is that I either hold the book back which I feel is unprofessional or I release it earlier. Being the impatient guy that I am I’ve decided to launch issue 5 this Wednesday, March the 2nd, which is also when all the new US comics go on sale so I figure it ties in nicely.

So yeah, come back on Wednesday to check out issue 5!