Sorry for not giving an update for a while but I’ve been a bit busy and just not had the time!

Yesterday I finally got the LatB book put together and sent of to be printed. If it comes back looking great then I’ll finally get the link to the shop up and going! I won’t see the book until next week and so I’m going to be nervous all weekend worrying that it’s going to come back badly formatted or worse still I made a typo somewhere in it.

I’ve also got a table booked at the Kapow Comic Con in April so looking forward to that (and if you’re coming down to the Con please come by and visit!). Actually, to be honest I’m looking forward to it but also a bit worried about manning a desk for two days and trying desperately to get folk over and interested in my book!

Today and some of this weekend I’m going to be working on a flyer for a competition for Kapow and once I’m finished with that my plans are to start the LatB bible and also design another T-shirt. The t-shirt is a real simple design and one that was suggested to me using some of the existing logos and pictures and I really want to give it a go. So yeah, busy weekend!

After that I start with issue 6 (and 7) of LatB – yup, it’s another two parter and it REALLY needs to be as there is a lot going on. Looking forward to it!