And seriously, finally! This story took me an age but it was my own fault for not doing more prep for it and instead designing as I went along which meant I had to keep going back and redoing scenes.

So this is very much a nod to the original TMNT comic although I feel it’s style at times went more towards the newer cartoons as I worked on it. It was real difficult finding the perfect mix of original art with my own style.

I’ve yet to colour any of this but I’m thinking of going with the original black and white shading look rather than full colour like the rest of the book. Will I explain this in the book? Oh, for sure! (Long time readers will know that I do like to tie everything together and I do have a plan for this one)

So yeah, on to my next short story and this one I’m going to plan out! Promise!

More soon!

Bear hugs!