So the big message/metaphor I was trying to push with issue #2 was with the new characters having been captured and forced in to slavery much like in the real world there are bears being captured and mistreated.

I admit I don’t think I did a great job on this and really wish I had the skills to push my point that bit better back in the day.

But I was new to this and not sure about the tone of the book knowing it was for kids and I got scared.

I had meant to put in a spare page with bear adoption links but got worried it could be a bit of a headache in case I provided links to agencies that actually weren’t that legit.

Back then I was actually adopting a bear named Mitsos (a name I ended up using for Mira’s brother) but sadly the bear disappeared and the adoption all became a bit vague (See where the worry came from?).

But yeah, I really could have done more with this story point.

On a brighter note, I haven’t forgotten these three characters and it’s my intention to bring them back real soon in the arc I’m currently working on (if I can fit the storyline in as my planned story is a bit big in scope and links up with a dangling plot point from another issue!)

Ooooh, mystery!

More soon! Bear hugs!

PS. I now adopt a polar bear Highland Wildlife Park in Aviemore and have been up visiting a good few times.

PPS. I realise going through issue #2 that none of the new characters got named until a good few pages in to issue #3(!). That’s baaaaaaad.