So the next short story has had me working and reworking it A LOT!

I was wanting to go with a Ninja Turtles look – especially the original books – but I found myself struggling with the first page and it wasn’t until I’d finished did I realise what the problem was!

Originally I was hand drawing the page (in some instances making it just look hand drawn) but I realised (eventually) that what I was really coming out with was poor fanart rather than a merging of the original look along with my  own style (like I do with some of my parody prints).

So yeah, second time around was much more my style but hopefully a look and feel of the original Turtles comics (and original cartoon thrown in as well at least with some of the designs)

Y’know, this book is proving a lot tougher to put together than I had imagined but I’m really enjoying the challenges and (hopefully) coming out with results that really work.

I’m really stoked to get working on the next page and will be sure to post updates on here with how I get on!

Bear hugs!