Okay, so I’ve been busy the last week or so with my new day job (yay!) and also working on issue #17 which is kind of a work in progress.

I think my Fenton Hud book has given me some bad habits as the initial three pages (it was originally two) of this book has got me reworking the idea, design and layout as I went along as I really don’t have a solid plan in place for  this  issue.
It’s been a big messy as I’ve kept changing the idea (plus adding that one page) but I’ve got a stronger vision of what I have planned for this book.

So my initial concept for this issue was different people telling their interpretation of Lloyd and Bear and I was going to use different art styles  to tell the tales so digital, ink, paint, that kind of thing.

As time went on I found myself staying with digital but by using my parody prints as inspiration I would copy other artists styles.

My first ‘story’ I was working on was going to have a transforming robot in it and I straight away went towards manga and specifically Robotech. I realised though that without an artist in mind for this tale it meant that not all the stories would have an ‘artist’ working on them and therefore the overall theme felt disjointed.

But then I thought of the Transformers (duh!) and from there I went with one of my all time favourite – and inspirational – artists, Geoff Senior! So yeah, I’ve looked in to his work in the series and tried to recreate in the above panels.

What do you think?

I have to say this has been a challenge but an enjoyable one – especially as I get to go over and over work from an artist whose work I absolutely love!

So…… who’s next?

I’ll tell you soon! Bear hugs!