Okay, final advert for issue #1 and it’s all down to when I was a kid and my brother saying that through evolution we’d lose out pinky fingers (wait, have I mentioned this before?)

Ever since he told me that I’ve worked hard to use my pinky whenever I can. Like, these days it’s good for propping up my phone when I hold it to play Pokemon Go! (And yeah, envelope opening was a big thing when I was younger)

Also, I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure sticking your pinky out while having a drink is exercise! That can be tough to do!

And no, I don’t pick my nose with my pinky but yes, that final panel was taken from a photo of myself that I modelled for (I’m a model…?)

AND yes, I realise that although evolution is a thing I am an idiot for worrying that my own finger would disappear!

Okay, more soon! Bear hugs!

PS. Simpsons made a hand evolution joke some years ago. I can’t remember how it goes but it did involve Lisa – I think it was that at some point people would have four fingers and a thumb?