Okay, so looking at this page hurts my eyes.

I mean, I’m really happy with the work I put in to it what with the perspective, all the different alien designs, food designs, background servers going about their business, the signs and how it all connected but yeah, the colours! Ouch!

As time went on I learned to calm the background colours and have only the main characters show in strong colours but in the early days I figured EVERYTHING should be bright. That was…. a mistake.

I also realise I didn’t shade this page so that was lazy! Geez…

Um, please buy my books! I get better!

Honest! Bear hugs!

PS. I did have the whole system of how the restaurant worked planned out. You’d come in and a hover chair would grab you (or your party) and take you to your table. I do think now however just how dangerous this place would be as no one had seatbelts so could easily fall out their chair! And speaking of falling, what if you dropped your food or cutlery and it hit the person beneath you?!? Hmm….