Oh man, I frickin’ LOVE Lom! If there was some way that I could have him in every issue I would!

I was really happy to bring him back for a few issues later in the series but hey, I want to have him in the series more (but like, how?)!

Side note, part of his design was heavily influenced by the Technet leader, Gatecrasher (check your Excalibur comics by Marvel Comics) when it came to his legs. Okay, maybe a bit weird but it’s true. And yeah, I was really happy with this design from the huge body, to small head and weird – almost useless – hands.

Now hey, would there be a market for a ship salesman? If so then I would TOTALLY release a Lom comic!

More soon! Bear hugs!

PS. I’m very aware of the poor spacing of the lettering in the balloons. I had to go back and change the font and size way back when but tried where I could to not change the size of the balloons. Maybe a slight regret on that one…