Okay, this was probably an easy joke but I’m really happy with it. Yup, swap a few letters about with the name of a well known store/auction site and boom, Beya-2.

And Beya-1 got sold. Hey, I’m not ashamed of making up this joke! And the thing is I’ve ended up using the joke AGAIN on the cover of issue #17 where it’s reported that Beya-2 has been sold!

Not ashamed. Not. One. Bit.

Oh! And on the picture above I’ve circled a ship in the background which really isn’t going to be important to anyone but me but that was a ship I drew in a comic some 30 years ago. I don’t even have any of those pages sadly, don’t know if they were thrown out or (hopefully) stored somewhere at my parents but yeah, I wanted to do a wee nod even if it was for just myself.

More (self-indulgent nonsense?) soon! Bear hugs!