Page 2 and I had a wee issue with this one. I did the artwork waaaaay back during early lockdown but hadn’t originally given it a background.

As time went on I realised I wanted a background but realised that there’d be no point taking new photos as the trees were all leafless (Hey, I remember Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and I didn’t want seasonal issues happening here!).

So I waited. And then when the leaves came out I went and started taking photos but COMPLETELY forgot my location. So there I was taking pictures in Hyde Park and going home only to realise that they didn’t match with the original scene which I then worked out was taken at Victoria Tower Gardens! (Yes, this really mattered to me!)

And yes, this meant getting up early one day to get a photo of the park before it got busy (as lockdown had eased by that point). Totally worth it though as I love walking through a park when the sun is rising up and seeing it shine through the trees!

More soon! Bear hugs!