Okay, final thoughts, and page, of issue #1.

My better half questioned the 3rd panel and said it wasn’t quite clear why Bear was crying. In my mind I figured it was quite obvious but then maybe I was wrong? *gasp!*

In my head, Bear had been a bit standoffish and going back to battling the Shoal he’d gotten super serious. He didn’t want a companion and more so didn’t expect Lloyd to be there.

So yeah, this Bear’s walls dropping but I dunno, maybe I could have done more with it?

It’s going to always bug me now…

And hey, this isn’t me having an issue with critiques or questions! There’s many times I’ve had a vision that wasn’t overly clear and I do think this could have done with a bit of clarity! Maybe a sound track would have helped?

More soon and going on to covering issue #2! Bear hugs!