So the charity shop scene. I had this planned out from early on although I don’t recall what shop I used for photo reference but yeah, Bear ended up in the window of a charity shop.

There’s two things with this.

  1. It’s Lloyd’s father that passed Bear over to him which was very much Bear in some way taking over the fatherly role to Lloyd.
  2. From what we learned earlier in issue #1 Bear collapsed on a pile of bags so you’d think it was bags left outside the charity shop, right?

BUT if you read issue #12 there’s another mention of this…

So did Bear actually collapse in front of a charity shop or was it somewhere else? And was Bear buddies with someone else before Lloyd and if so, why can’t he remember them?!?

Oh, I have an answer for this but that’ll be for another story arc!

Sorry, I love how much I’ve planned this out and even though I’m having to do a few cuts here and there this is one storyline that I’ve had in place since issue #1 and I intend to complete it!

More soon! Bear hugs!