So there was no way I could discuss this next bit by referencing only one page! The Shoal ships!

I don’t think I’ve shown this before(?) but yeah, the original designs I had for the ships and cockpit were very different when I first pencilled the book.

Lookit! The cruiser ship!

So yeah, it’s weird. I had a lot of wee additions (it’s what I did back then – embellish, embellish, EMBELLISH!) but it’s also so weird that the hanger bay was curved but the ship was pretty rigid where in the end the look was the complete opposite.

Having a peek through the entrance to the cruiser ship you can see the doorways stayed the same as did the front of the ship (kind) but yeah, otherwise totally different.

Now, the fighter crafts looked similar to a point but yeah, there was still some changes…

(And look how quickly I forgot/ignored some of the details on the cruiser with the lines on the thrusters!)

But yeah, there was a real mix of ideas. Like, them wee bits at the front of the vessels? Sure, that’s where the guns popped out but still, weird…

Anyways! The cockpit! (And hey, checkit! I DID do Kirby dots again!)

I do not dislike the seat designs (I dislike the straight lines to the cockpit itself) and it’s something I might need to go back to but it absolutely didn’t work for any Shoal sitting on them! Like, zero!

But yeah, there was a lot of change (and lookit how Lloyd looked back then! Whuh?!?)

So yeah, of all the panels this was the biggest thrower revisiting!

More soon! Bear hugs!

PS. The more I look at the cockpit it’s just the side consoles I like, hmm…)