So page 14 allowed me to have some fun giving a nod to the popular lines used by some awesome comic book characters.

(Okay, a hefty nod and also a wee moment of Bear being moody and knocking one of the lines!)

It was a throwaway panel that I just wanted to have some fun with but then when I re-did issue #12 I had the opportunity to revisit the scene and have Bear coming out with a line!

Which (thankfully) Lloyd didn’t recognise. Hey, he’s not old enough to watch Terminator 2 yet!

I had a hard time with the issue #12 panel as I wanted it to look similar to the panel in issue #1 but obviously my style had changed a lot over the years (like, so, soooooo much!)

I’m really happy tying those two moments together, especially as issue #12 was the end of the first big arc on the book!

Okay, more soon! Bear hugs!

PS. I TOTALLY saw movies above my age range as a kid so, um….