Bear dancing!

I was so happy with this that I ended up re-jigging it and making it a print!

But I realised after I had come up with this idea of Bear being able to control people that he could easily do it every issue so other than a reference in issue #7 where he’s asked how was he taught the skill it’s not been used again!

It’s not that I’ve forgotten it though, I just didn’t want the ‘power’ to keep being used. In my head (although it’s not been explained) it does take a wee bit of time for the dancing to control someone’s mind so it’s not something that can be used at the drop of a hat.

And then in issue #7 there were some questions on how he was taught it…

But I do have a plan and it will be referenced (and the power used) again! Promise!

As a side note, I came up with this idea years before the movie Suckerpunch got released. I feel the cute, fun, happy dance I came up with now feels a bit icky.

Humph. Ah well… more soon! Bear hugs!