My first (kinda) splash page! I had a lot of exposition to hit with this and was super concerned that it would be more words than pictures and be a bit of a slog to work through.

I figure I got a good balance but man I don’t like the panel layout…

I wanted it to look interesting so did the different panel sizes but feel it just looks a bit cluttered. Didn’t stop me using the same layout two more times in the first twelve issues though (but never again)!

I did enjoy working on the actual panels themselves though – especially adding all the pieces to Lloyds room. I dunno, I kinda feel sad sometimes when I think of Bear just lying there just looking up at the ceiling and wondering how his fellow Burians are but then I have to remember that he met Lloyd and all was good. Well, at that point before the Shoal found him!

And hey, wee note before I leave. What happened to Bear’s pod? I mean, I’m just asking… where is it?

More soon! Bear hugs!