So we can all agree that 2020 sucked but during that time, and lockdown, I managed to find something positive while out walking (other than getting exercise – and by exercise I mean playing Pokemon Go).

With everywhere being so quiet and also being lucky enough to live close to the London West End I was able to take unique photos of London’s empty streets, parks and popular landmarks.

This resulting photos meant I had complete freedom to add characters in to a scene without having to worry about removing or hiding anyone that happened to end up in the photo which was super awesome!

I had already been toying with the idea of doing photo backgrounds for exterior shots but this guaranteed it. Although I toyed with also doing photos for interior shots I decided instead to draw them as not only would it be easier than trying to get a ton of photos of furnishings (at one point I considered using whatever we had around our small flat but that wasn’t going to work!)

Am I going to try having more exterior shots so it saves me drawing interiors? I sure hope so! Do I have enough photos for the rest of this series? Ehhhh, if not I guess I’ll be up early to take some more photos!

More soon! Bear hugs!