My plans for Cuddles (which is his nickname but it is in part his actual name which I have written down somewhere… I think…) hasn’t deviated much from my original plan for him.

If anything I fear that I keep adding more attributes on to him!

I don’t actually remember what my original plan was for how he became part of the team but like with my original idea for Tabitha (when she wasn’t Fenton’s sister) he was going to be the other part of the love triangle with both him and Tabitha being attracted to Fenton (who was completely oblivious to all the attention!).

As the idea moved along I realised that not only was it a bit by the numbers but having the two members of the team chase after the main character was a bit insulting so yeah, I made a few changes.

Other than that though, he’s a security guard, guitar playing, hug loving (see? Cuddles.), dude who also has a thing for martial arts (or at least made up ones which allows me to play with puns. I like puns)

The hair, beard and rings totally came from a memory of when I first came to London and would buy my tube ticket from this dude at the station who sported the same. I always wanted to use that look at some point and this was it!

The shorts is totally me as I wear them all year round and the guitar playing came from my better half.

But yeah, I need to be careful to not load him up with too many skills/attributes although he’s so cool I can’t help it!

More soon! Bear hugs!