Tabitha is Fenton’s older sister but this wasn’t always the plan.

Originally she wasn’t related to Fenton at all but rather someone who befriended Fenton one evening as she hopped between bars. The befriending bit wasn’t totally scrapped though but that’s a story for another day (who could it be???)

I also had a plan that she would be one part of an unrequited  love triangle but I decided it was a bit by the numbers and I preferred the idea of her being his older sister which in turn ended up spinning the book in a totally different direction!

Outside of now being Fenton’s sister my plans for her really haven’t changed from the early days as she’s still a strong business leader, a party girl and someone who is always there supporting Fenton.

Oh! And her fashion choices? Always changing but we’ll get to that another time!

More soon! Bear hugs!