So I’ve finished the cover for issue #17 of Lloyd and the Bear which means I’ve gone and finished issue #16 (as the last page I do is always the ‘Next Time’ page which shows the following issues cover).

And yeah, this is it!

(Okay, it’s missing the details in a little box for what the TV show is called but there’s a reason for that which I’ll mention later!)

But yeah, this isn’t quite how the cover looked at first…

So it wasn’t until after I’d sketched, planned, lined, worked out shadowing and going back to see what colours I used on this character did I realise that I’d drawn him incorrectly and made his neck too thin!

Now you may be asking yourself why I’m talking about a character like they’ve been in the book and yet you might not possibly recognise him but the thing is, he’s been in the book since issue #2!

On page 20 of issue #2 he was on a ripped poster in the background (and also a very slight shot on page 23 (but so slight I’m not going to post that panel!)

In issue #3 he showed up in another poster  in the background on page 6.

We then don’t see him again until issue #6 (although annoyingly hidden by Glorm’s snoring!)

All went quiet after that until issue #12 (the updated edition) where he showed up behind Commander Vulgreth on page 48!

And then finally on page 3 of issue #14!

Okay, so admittedly I pretty much always had the guy hidden but I always had this plan that he’d be slowly revealed. And who is he? He’s Limel Lum, TV reporter for one of the most famous channels in the universe! 

My plan was that he’d be used at some point as a jumping on point for new readers but when I realised how long I take on these books and if I realistically want to get to a conclusion I need to make some shortcuts so instead of him introducing and giving a history of Lloyd and the Bear on his show he’s now interviewing people to get theirs stories about our two heroes (which will allow me to cover a few plot points super quick).

And yeah, he’s appearing a bit sooner than planned! I’m really looking forward to this book as since working on Fenton Hud I’ve become more confident in doing other styles so issue #17 will contain a series of short stories – although more like answers to Limel’s questions – which will all look different from one another.

For the moment I’ve done zero planning bar for one scene and I really don’t know how many questions I’m going to be able to fit in so yeah, that’s why I haven’t quite completed the cover yet with the shows title! But it will be ‘<a number> Questions with Limel Lum.’

I’m really looking forward to getting started on this! (Okay, I already kinda said that!)

So there you go, he’s ALWAYS been in the book! Side note,  I also thought he was green but turns out I originally coloured him orange so I went and at least gave him a green tongue so I don’t feel like my mind is totally falling to bits!

Hope you like it! More soon!

Bear hugs!