Well, their character has been pretty consistent since I started planning out the characters. There was going to be a love triangle that I’d thought about early on but that got scrubbed (but I’ll mention that in a later post).

But all in all, who is Fenton? Well….

Please don’t ask me what got me thinking of the bad parenting skills that were used in panel 2. Suffice to say, glad I’m an uncle and not a parent! I mean, that’s some nasty **** going on there! But there are reasons…. (okay, for a guy who says he hasn’t planned this there are a few beats that I TOTALLY worked out and this is one of them but it didn’t come straight away and only happened after I shifted around the main characters profiles (again, I’ll explain later!)

But yeah, that’s Fenton Hud, like, the character!

More soon! Bear hugs!