Okay, so it’s early days and I don’t think I’ll be going over EVERY page of the early issues of Lloyd and the Bear but this page did catch my eye for a couple of reasons.

First of all I totally gave a nod back to page 2 with Lloyd looking away from Bear and then looking at him but this time I had the chance of Bear reacting too.

I like to think that this early on I had the voices down for both of them and how they’d act. (Big secret – okay, not that big as I mention it at conventions – but I voice Bear very much after myself and Lloyd after my better half). But yeah, Lloyd’s reaction? Totally makes sense. Bear feeling bad? Yup. Bear doing that thing where he’s playing with his hands? Okay, that’s more my other half but I really wanted Bear to do that.

Secondly, Bur? The islands totally make the shape of a Bear’s face! What’s the odds? But that’s the only islands on Bur yeah? Yeah….. um.

Okay, so yeah, I really don’t intend to cover every page BUT you never know. I wanted to talk about this as I really liked it. Hope that’s okay!

More soon! Bear hugs!

PS. If you’re enjoying this and not read Lloyd and the Bear before why not check out the free preview of the first issue? Just click on the picture link at the top left of the screen and hey, if you enjoy that click on the picture links on the right to buy digital or hard copies of the books! I hope you like it!