So this is me looking back issue #1 of Lloyd and the Bear.

I mentioned in the last post how I really wanted to ape Jack Kirby’s style and some of the panels on this first page are no exception!

I’m actually thinking this is as far as my Kirby look went now(!) The shading, the dots and the mechanics of the teleporter were my Kirby look for sure and I now realise that we’ve not used the teleporter since…. hmm.

Panel 4 with all the weapons was based on an Eddie Izzard sketch where he’s talking about getting food at a petrol station late at night and he describes all the people in the queue behind him.

There’s SO MANY weapons here that you’ll never see again but man I really want to use that canon again at some point. I love that (wait, have I already? I need to check…). If you look through the group you’ll also see one Shoal with a rolling pin. Classic weapon that one…

I’m really proud of the whole Bear’s hand on Lloyds shoulder and how the big reveal is that the Shoal were after Bear. It feels very Hollywood blockbuster movie (at least I think so?) and I’m happy with it – even though if I think about it Bear had to lean over super awkward to make that contact but keep the rest of his body out of shot…)

Oh, can I take this moment to say how much I regret giving Bear a rectangular nose? In early sketches he had a triangular nose and it was SO much easier to draw! With the rectangle I need to match it up with Bear’s rectangular head and it’s a pain! I really don’t know when, or why, I changed my mind on this one!

The close up of Lloyd was redone a few times over. In the early days (and still to a point now) I was uneasy about doing action scenes in the book. Not because I didn’t want to choreograph them but rather I didn’t want there to be violence in the book.

That being said, the close up with sound effects I figured would give you the chance to make up what’s going on off panel yourself. – kinda like a scene in Hellraiser 3 where you didn’t get to see all the violence happening in a dance club. So yeah, very aware of the readership age but also get inspiration from 18 certificate films…

Oooh, and any comic, TV show, or film that repeats a word but changes the tone from the likes of a question to panic is a win for me so I really wanted to do similar here! (Hope you liked that!)

The final page and the Shoal calling Lloyd a ‘squishy thing’. I want to use terms like that more! So happy with that!

I love the follow up panel with Bear and a Shoal about to punch each other. It’s so over the top and yet cute.

And that final panel? I realise now that I forgot to put a tail on that speech bubble. Oops. Still, you know who’s talking, right?

And with that… more soon! Bear hugs!

PS. If you’re enjoying this and not read Lloyd and the Bear before why not check out the free preview of the first issue? Just click on the picture link at the top left of the screen and hey, if you enjoy that click on the picture links on the right to buy digital or hard copies of the books! I hope you like it!