So with 16 books under my belt now I really want to start looking back at the early issues and give some thoughts and opinions. 

Indulgent? Maybe but hey, I need content and there’s only so much I can talk about!

So Lloyd and the Bear came about as I remember hearing that you should right about what you know and hey, I’m a grown man who still has a teddy bear that was given to me when I was a kid so why not right about a boy and his bear? Being kidnapped by aliens? Um…..

But the pages!

The first page has been rejigged a few times but the last change was giving the commander a name! Seriously, I’m a total idiot forgetting to give this guy a name as I KNEW he was coming back! I like to think my writing and planning has improved a lot since back then but then in my defence I hadn’t really planned ahead much with the book at this point.

And yeah, I wanted to play with the fact that the reader thought the Shoal were talking about Lloyd and capturing him when really they were talking about Bear (I hope that worked!)

So the house and van were totally taken from pictures I found on the web although I think I made a few changes to the house as I put it together. Having lived my early life in Scotland in a house up on a hill I wanted to include that so yeah, the house was set on a hill.

I guess it could have been anywhere really but I wanted Lloyd to be stuck somewhere in the countryside and feeling totally alone except for the company of his best friend, Bear. (And seriously, as a kid I never got why people loved Strathyre where I was from (a small village in the centre of Scotland) when I was always wanting to live in a big city. I guess you just don’t appreciate what you’ve got.

And then we have the teleport ray! I was totally aping Kirby dots on this and originally I had a plan to have a real Kirby style throughout the book as I was reading a lot of Kirby stuff at the time (the style didn’t stay…)

There will be more Kirby examples on the next page but I’ll cover that in my next post!

More soon! Bear hugs!

PS. If you’re enjoying this and not read Lloyd and the Bear before why not check out the free preview of the first issue? Just click on the picture link at the top left of the screen and hey, if you enjoy that click on the picture links on the right to buy digital or hard copies of the books! I hope you like it!