I’ve really struggled with the elevator pitch, as in how to easily summarise, my new project but now that I’ve began posting about Fenton Hud I figured it was time to get this done and that’s what I did today!

Fenton Hud is a member of the international group F.A.C.T.

Dangerous moon rays, what’s hiding in air vents, the secret about horses?

F.A.C.T. are here to discover, catalogue and protect these and other truths
while also being ready to stop those who would use such knowledge for evil.

Aaaaah, I’m so super excited about this!

More soon! Bear hugs!

NO! Forget what I said there! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE!

So it’s like 3 days later and I’ve been working on the inside page – the contents page type thing? – and wanted to do the above blurb so if you picked the book up you’d get an idea of what’s going on (the back cover has lloydandthebear.com on it and yes, if I could go back in time I would TOTALLY have made the web address bearritoproductions.com or even just bearrito.com… DANG IT!).

Anyways, I wrote it, rejigged it, rejigged it, rejigged it and over three days tightened up what I had to say and also add a wee joke remark at the end which I’d thought of before BUT TOTALLY FORGOT!!! (Stupid brain but at least it got me there in the end!)

What do you think?

I’m really happy with how I’ve tightened up the ‘pitch’ and hope it’s that bit snappier.

Okay so more soon! Bear hugs!