Okay, so I’ve been super quiet this last year or so and I guess that was just part of my coping mechanism for everything going on.

I’ve still been working on the 16th Lloyd and the Bear book along with working on my new Fenton Hud project while also taking time out to relax, read a ton of comics and just try and not stress as much.

But here I am with 16 books done and about to start planning out book 17 (which is going to be very different from what’s been done before) and I need to start sharing things!

I plan to actually go over all the books in the run so far but I need to really get some prep work done first but for the moment I wanted to show you some pages from #16.

See, it wasn’t until I finished the book did I realise that I actually need a spare page to thank one of my Kickstarter backers (from way back) so I had to make some changes. I had a big splash page that wasn’t really doing it for me and the two pages after were bugging me a bit too.

So yeah, the big splash page was indulgent and really didn’t give the big grand look I had in my mind. Also, it didn’t lead smoothly to the page afterwards! And that page had a lot of free space and just didn’t look right!

Now the final page I was more or less happy about although I really didn’t like that final panel (and the one before it wasn’t too great either) so…

And yeah, I’m much happier with this. Who knew a whole page could be squished down to a ninth of a page? I cut back on some of the dialogue (that was just a bit long winded – which I think I did because I had the space?) and shifted one of the panels about and those final two panels were redone – especially the final panel which also now has a final caption box that leads nicely on to the epilogue of the book (we have an epilogue! I’m so excited!!!)

As always, please let me know what you think!

Hope you’ve all managed to get through this last year and a bit. It’s been proper poo.

More soon, bear hugs!