Welcome to the home of Lloyd and the Bear, Urp!, Fenton Hub Member of F.A.C.T. and all things Mac & Cheese related!

I’m not great at posting but it’s my intention (and hope) to keep you up to date with my work on Lloyd and the Bear, Fenton Hud, Urp! and any other projects I’m working on! And hey, if you find I’m not posting enough let me know! (I could do with a good nudge every now and again!)

I’ll be dropping Urp! strips at random intervals when a thought enters my head. Is Urp me? Um……. maybe? (But then, maybe not?)

And hey, I LOVE Mac & Cheese but with 2020 being what it was I’ve been kind of limited with my venues! In the spirit of wanting businesses to bounce back from *that* year I’m only going to be posting about good experiences I’ve had (be it when eating out, getting delivered, in a pack or even just a recipe I found! Is that okay? (I hope that’s okay).

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