So back at the end of 2018 I posted on Twitter the first sketch of a new project I was working on. I’ve been having this idea¬† to do another book, one that I would work on in my spare time during lunch breaks at work (which with our current situation isn’t a thing just now) and it has since slowly been worked on and rejigged in my mind and then on to paper (yes, actual paper! I’m drawing and more bizarrely inking now!)

I wanted to try something a bit different and work with hand drawn pieces and for a slightly older audience (more with the ideas and stories that I’d be putting out rather than the use of violence or dirty words) and I was going to be a lot more relaxed when it came to how the artwork looked and was laid out in the panel.

And now we’re at a point where I can start telling you all about this new idea! So what’s it called? Well, it’s…

Who is Fenton Hud? What is F.A.C.T.? What’s my plans with this? Man, I’ve got so much I want to tell you (but y’know, not all at one go!)

And hey, I’m still telling the adventures of Lloyd and Bear! Man, I’m not stopping that! I’m just enjoying the change of styles and flipping from one book to the other as it feels like I’m giving myself a little break even though it just means I’m doing other artwork!

More soon (and that’s a F.A.C.T.)

Bear hugs!