So it’s MCM London this weekend and we… aren’t there!

We’ve been at MCM for (I think?) 8 years now and this is the first time we’re not going but the thing is we didn’t have a table anyways! It was our 10th wedding anniversary last week and this weekend we were to be going away on holiday! That being said, that wasn’t to be until the Saturday and I still had the Friday off to at least visit MCM for the day and get to try my hand at Cosplay.

And hey, just in case somehow I didn’t forget that MCM (and our holiday) were cancelled Facebook was kind enough to send me a wee reminder this morning!

But yeah, it’s not to be, or any conventions this year. Or holidays for that matter…. Humph!

Due to all this I’ve gone and updated the website and our store at BigCartel which now has our prints on sale (and many reduced too)! This was always something I intended to only have at conventions but, y’know, with no conventions on the go…

Please do check out our store and also our digital books at Comixology if you haven’t already (don’t forget that issues #1 and #15 are currently free to read at Issuu too!)

But no matter what you do this weekend I hope you all stay safe.

More soon, bear hugs!

PS. Here’s me at MCM last year with my new hat. I like my hat. (This year I was going to do a matching Lloyd one too – next time!!!)