I realise it’s been a while but I’ve been busy ripping on through issue #15 (having still to add those final speech balloons to a couple of panels in issue #14 but hey…)

I can actually happily say that issue #15 is all but done with only the ‘Previously’, ‘Next time’ and sound effects to be done!

I’ve even gone back and updated the cover (because I wouldn’t be me if I hadn’t!)

On the left was the original cover that I put together way back when I originally finished issue #14.

Now going back to it I had a few issues…

First of all, was Lloyd and Bear smiling or in shock? And hey, what happened to their teeth?!? I also felt that Lloyd’s head was a bit squished and in correcting that I had to lower him a bit in the panel which in turn meant re-positioning Bear which ended up with the only half the poor guys face showing! Not cool!

Then I felt the bottom panels background was lacking and then I decided I wanted to redo the shading of the Shoal (and obvious colour correction) PLUS out heroes ship needed a bit reworking so I figured I may as well just start from scratch!

What do you think?

I figure by the weekend I’ll be good to start with issue #16 so I need to get my writing hat on! 

More soon! Bear hugs!